Kenya safari tour packages

Kenya is a spectacular nation that has breathtaking scenery, hosting massive landscapes and a huge abundance of wildlife. This country boasts of a history of tourism. Kenya is the first country in Africa that offers safaris. Whoever visits this country finds its hospitality to be unparalleled. Local people are friendly and they long to offer their helping hands. Everything about Kenya is unmatched, such as deserts, mountains, coral reefs, plateaus, rainforests, etc. Tourists from all over the world visit Kenya. Tourists who love adventures and trekking also visit this amazing country for adventure tours to different national parks and trekking.

Safari Tour Packages

Tour and trekking organizers such as Ice Rock Trekking offer various Kenya safari tour packages:

  • The weather remains amazing throughout the year – The climate of Kenya is fantastic. As this country is situated on the belt of the equator, it enjoys a splendid tropical climate all through the year.
  • Kenya has eye-catching birdlife – The birdlife of Kenya is brilliant; hence, it turns into a twitcher’s paradise. This country has all kinds of bird-rich areas from the Laikipia plateau to Maasai Mara. Flamingos flock to this country in huge numbers and you will be able to catch them on the lakes of Rift Valley.
  • Diversity of parks and habitats – There is a huge diversity of parks and habitats in Kenya and they make birding hugely rewarding. If you visit Kenya between Oct and Feb, you will see many palearctic migratory birds. Among them, some are Southern African migrants who visit this place. People who visit Kenya find the plumage of these birds to be spectacular. So, Kenya is also called a birder’s paradise.
  • Peaceful and safe country – Because of the colonial ties of Kenya, it has become a go-to destination for countless travelers. Since independence, this country is regarded as one of the most stable African nations. However, you need to be conscious of your valuables and remain sensible too.
  • Kenya has a rich culture – Kenya houses forty-three significant tribes so it is very impressive culturally. The well-known Maasai are the most hospitable and friendliest people you will find in Africa.

Kenya safari tour

The items you should pack for Kenya safaris

When you go on a Kenya safari, you will find every day to be extraordinary. This is regarded as one of the most magical experiences in the world. Some basic items you need to pack for your Kenya safari tour packages are:

  • Clothes in various colors, such as neutral colors, beige, green, and khaki
  • T-shirts
  • Long-sleeved shirts that can offer protection from mosquitoes and the sun
  • Light skirts or shorts
  • Safari trousers or jeans for cooler days and evenings
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • A lightweight waterproof jacket to provide you protection from the rain
  • Sweaters and jackets that you will require in the early morning and afternoon.
  • Sunglasses, sunscreen, insect repellent, a hat, lip salve, and moisturizer
  • Camera equipment and binoculars
  • Beachwear and swimwear

The final thoughts

Avail of the best Kenya safari tour packages as per your budget to visit the most popular national parks and other attractions of the country. Ice Rock Trekking offers all kinds of safaris to all types of tourists including mountain trekkers and adventure lovers.


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