Ours guides can help novices “learn the ropes” when rock  climbing for the fist time. They are also here to guide more experienced climbers to the spots in the park with greater challenge. Come bring your trekking group, climbing group, or school group.
Joseph Muthui Gathu

Hells Gate National Park

Hells Gate National Park is located in the Great Rift Valley south of Lake Naivasha. The National Park has a fantastic climbing wall good for rock climbing whereby it gives you climbing experience on some challenging pitches within the rocks.

Hells Gate National Park covers an area of 68.25 square kilometres and is characterized by diverse topography and geological scenery. This National Park is 1900 metres above sea level, and it is approximately 90 kilometres from Nairobi making it a perfect addition to a safari trip. The park is situated 14 km after the turnoff from the old Nairobi-Naivasha highway.

It is also an important home of the “bearded vulture” or lammergeier.

Rock Climbing:
Rock climbing is a very popular activity in the park. Fischer’s tower is the most common for first timers but skilled climbers who are in it for the thrill can try out the Main Wall which is tougher than Fisher’s Tower. There’s no need to carry your climbing gear, we provide the whole kit for you, equipment such as rope (60 meters/6mm), friends, stoppers, seat harness, helmet and carabiners. What you need to bring is your own climbing shoes where we recommend sticker boots. We also prrovide a technical guide.

Trekking is a favorite activity at Hell’s Gate National Park especially on the weekends where people use these two days out of the City life to enjoy wildlife and also to keep fit. Take a wondrous hike right from the park’s main gate, Elsa Gate, to the park’s main valley and get treated to the fantastic sight of a variety of bush life while at it. If you are the type that likes the calming effects of water, then take the trail that descends from the Central Tower right into the Lower Gorge. A walk through the gorge is simply magical.

You will, in some places, come across water eroded walls so close to the point of blocking the sky view. It is while on this same trail that you get treated to the bewildering site of some of the world’s most captivating cold and hot waterfalls, hot springs and colored rocks.

Cycling is the most rewarding way to explore Hell’s Gate National Park. It is the only activity other than hiking which allows for really close interaction with the park’s flora and fauna. Relevant information about cycling trails can be accessed at the main gate, Elsa Gate, where you can also hire bikes.If you follow the buffalo cycling circuit look out for the breathtaking views of Lake Naivasha , Mt. Suswa and Mt. Longonot that are visible from the park.

Bird Watching:
The park is a must visit for birders all over the world. It is home to over 100 bird species and it’s known to be a breeding area for endangered lammergeier vultures.

The vultures’ nesting points are hidden high up in the cliffs to protect them from predators. Hard to believe tidbit- the vultures can fly as far as the Maasai Mara, forage and be back by afternoon! Other bird species in the park are African kestrel, Imperial eagle, Arrow-marked Babbler, Chinspot Batis, Golden-winged Sunbird, Yellow-rumped seedeater Jackson’s widowbird and many others.

Places to Stay

If you are camping Hell’s Gate National Park has three beautiful campsites namely Oldubai, Nairburta and Endcharta. There are shelters where you can make a fire to prepare your meals as well as showers and toilets.

If you are looking for a more comfortable night under warm covers and a buffet breakfast, we can book for you a room nearby. There are a variety of lodges around the park to choose from. Some of them include Lake Naivasha Simba Lodge, Lake Naivasha Sopa Lodge, Fish Eagle Inn, Elsamere Lodge and Camp Carnelley.

Our guides only rest when you do!

Additional Notes

Park Roads:
Except for the Western side, Hell’s Gate National Park has an adequate network of primary roads and viewing circuits.

Park Gates:
Hell’s Gate has two gates that are used by visitors i.e. the main Elsa Gate and the Olkaria Gate. The latter also serves the Olkaria Geothermal Station which is located inside the National Park.

Major Attractions;
Game viewing, Raptor nesting in cliffs, Spectacular gorge walk, hot springs, scenic landscape, the Geothermal Station, Masai culture.

Gorge, Fisher’s Tower, Obsidian Cave.

Hiking, camping, rock climbing, biking, bird watching and wildlife viewing.