Amazing service

“No need to hire foreign tour operators when the best live right in Nairobi” – Paul Bradley

Years of Trust

“Every year the school I work for does a field trip to Mt. Kenya and every year we employ Joseph and his company to organize and guide our trip.  Over the years we have grown to know and trust Joseph with our safety, which is our number one concern.  He and his guides have expert knowledge of, not only the conditions on the mountain, but also how to handle unexpected events, such as sickness, fatigue, and medical needs.
The last time I climbed with Joseph, we had a member who became very sick and fatigued, and Joseph made the difficult call to find a way to get this guy off the mountain.  It would have been dangerous for him to continue and there was no reason to risk his life for this adventure.  Getting him down was a challenge as the mountain is so remote, but with Joseph’s connections to many people in the area, he was able to do so without stopping the expedition for the rest of us.  A huge shout out to Joseph and his company!!!”

– David Tilley, Rift Valley Academy

Repeated Success

“My first trek with Joseph was up Mt. Kenya when he guided a group of five of us. The trek was fantastic – Joseph chose routes with spectacular views, good camping sites, and really very private trekking. That was such a success that a few years later, I contacted Joseph again and asked him organize a larger group for a trek up Mt. Kilimanjaro.

His expertise made the trek a great success – he suggested an extra day in the assent to acclimatize, got my brother off the mountain when he got in trouble, coached us how to manage the final assent to the peak, and really just handled the trek superbly. I am about to turn 80 and am ready to go with Joseph again.”

– Stephen Bradley

Dedicated Pros!

שמי פליקס מלול וברצוני לומר מספר מילים על הניסיון שיש לי עם JOSEPH והצוות שלו.
אני מכיר את JOSEPH מעל ל-10 שנים וטיילתי וטיפסתי על מספר הרים באפריקה יחד איתו ועם ציוותו.
טיפסתי על הר קניה, הר קילימנגרו,הר סטנלי באוגנדה וגם עשיתי ספארי עם משפחתי בקניה.
הדבר הכי חשוב בטיולים מהסוג הזה זה שיהיה צוות מקצועי ומסור שנותן לך תחושה שאתה נמצא בידיים בטוחות ושיש מענה גם לדברים בלתי צפויים.
בשורה התחתונה מאוד ממליץ למי שרוצה לטייל באפריקה ולטפס על הרים או לחילופין לעשות ספארי לעשות עם JOSEPH והצוות שלו.
בהצלחה ואפריקה היא יבשת מרתקת וכיפית לטיולים!

See English Translation

– Felix Mallul


“I had the pleasure of hiking to the top of Kilimanjaro with Joseph and his team. His team is built with local porters, cooks and mountain guides that bring a level of knowledge about the area that was unsurpassed. They could answer all my questions about the flora and fauna which is not easy since you start at the rainforest and end up on rocky tundra.

Joseph does a wonderful job of welcoming his guests and preparing them for the days on the trail. This allowed me to feel comfortable and ready to hike on day one and through out the trek.

I felt such an accomplishment upon reaching the summit and thoroughly enjoyed my trek up Kilimanjaro.”

– Jessica Durkin

Joachim G
January 24, 2024.
5 days Mount Kenya Perfect organized trip 5 days Mount Kenia, pick up and drop off in Nairobi. The route was adapted by the guide, because we felt not well in the height. So we were back one day earlier and Joseph and his Team organized a game drive. Thank you for that and all the helpful tips for our following trip in Kenia!
Sergio H
January 12, 2024.
KILIMANJARO'S TREKKING Kilimanjaro's trekking with ICEROCK group has been an unforgettable experience in every sense. From the first day, we felt welcomed by the crew, and the six days of the journey were spectacular. In our case, we chose the Machame route, where over 6 days, we explored the incredible landscapes surrounding the peak of Kilimanjaro. Our guides Clemence and Guideon were very attentive to our health and answered all the questions we had, even the ornithological ones! They were great experts of the terrain. Throughout the week, the crew took care of setting up and dismantling the camp: the sleeping tents, which were super clean, and a small tent where we had meals every day. We had all the water we needed, and very good and varied food prepared on the spot by the chef each day. Even on some of the longer days, the chef came halfway to offer us snacks and hot tea. The four of us reached the top of Uhuru Peak excited, thanks to the help of our guides. Here, we saw one of the most beautiful landscapes we had ever encountered. The company also took care of airport transfers to and from the hotel. We are very grateful for the entire organization.
Claudia E
January 4, 2024.
Amazing experience Amazing experience with ICE Rock Trekking. Everything was organized perfectly, great food, experienced team and good vibes- everything we needed to summit Mt Kenia (Lenana & Nelion)
Julien J
January 4, 2024.
LENANA PEAK 1st January 2024 Expérience incroyable, équipe au top, au petit soin, des paysages magnifiques, un temps merveilleux lors de l'ascension, prévoir des affaires chaudes car les conditions sont extrêmes à cette hauteur. Un grand merci à Gabriel (war machine, strong man), mon porteur et guide qui m'a emmené jusqu'au sommet. J'y retourne bientôt pour une nouvelle ascension, cette fois ci par Chogoria Gate.
January 2, 2024.
Safari Masai Mara e Monte Kilimanjaro con ICE ROCK e Joseph Ho trovato l'agenzia ICE ROCK di Joseph su una guida turistica italiana, assieme al nome di altre. Ho scritto a tutte le agenzie direttamente per avere dei preventivi e Joseph mi ha risposto in prima persona. Ha sempre risposto velocemente ed esaustivamente a tutte le mie domande, fugando ogni mio timore in merito a prenotazioni dirette dall'Italia (ho pagato anche una caparra prima di partire). Joseph merita tutta la fiducia. Ho trovato una organizzazione sempre pronta e impeccabile. Con lui abbiamo organizzato 3 giorni di safari nella riserva Masai Mara, due giorni tra Hell's Gate e lago Naivasha e la scalata del Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Il safari è stato bellissimo e abbiamo sempre trovato driver bravi e preparati e strutture accoglienti. In ogni caso Joseph può organizzarvi tour su misura a seconda anche del budget. Anche per la scalata del Kilimanjaro, che purtroppo non abbiamo potuto completare a causa di un malessere di mia moglie, ho trovato persone oneste e professionali: parlo sia delle guide che dei portatori, nonché dell'agenzia che collabora in Tanzania con ICE ROCK. Joseph ci ha anche accompagnato personalmente nei due giorni tra Hell's gate e lago Naivasha e abbiamo quindi avuto modo di conoscerlo meglio. Ha confermato tutta la fiducia riposta. Esperienza e agenzia (e persone) consigliatissimi.
Jacqueline H
October 26, 2023.
Satisfied solo female Mt Kenya Summiter I arranged this solo hike up Mt Kenya only a few weeks before travel. Joseph was incredibly helpful, putting together an itinerary just for me. He was in constant communication to ensure it was exactly what I wanted. The hike was perfect, with Robin as my guide, a porter and a cook. All three were attentive, knowledgeable and extremely good company. As a solo female traveller I never felt awkward, vulnerable or unsafe. The afternoon before the summit night we had a hailstorm, torrential rain and the first snowfall. It was made clear to me that safety came first and if Robin felt it was not safe to summit, we would not attempt it. I had absolute trust and faith in his decision. We did summit, it was an exceptionally careful climb with myself, Robin and the porter for extra safety. It was important to the team that I achieve my dream, however safety was never compromised. I cannot recommend Joseph and his team enough.
Georgia M
October 22, 2023.
All but one of the BIG 5! Get ready for an “African massage” with majestic encounters! It’s bumpy , but what do you expect out in nature? The guides were wonderful in getting us close enough to experience, wildlife, knowledgeable, and sharing about the animals as well as the culture and elements. Welcome to our questions and encouraged us to ask questions so don’t be shy. Enjoy the experience you will not regret it.
Richard Cook
October 20, 2023.
Masai Mara Safari Joseph was very responsive in answering questions. He worked hard to find a great deal for our group. Joseph stayed in contact from the time we initiated conversation until the day we finished our tour.
Ruggero N
October 3, 2023.
Grande professionalità, passione e simpatia! Ottima organizzazione fatta da personale altamente qualificato e competente. Grazie alla profonda conoscenza della montagna e alla grande passione dimostrata da Joseph, dalle nostre guide e dai portatori, la nostra vacanza è stata un'esperienza bellissima, intensa ed indimenticabile. Il programma di acclimatamento è stato ideato e ottimizzato sulla base delle nostre carattestiche ed esigenze; insieme all'attenta pianificazione dell'itinerario, ci ha permesso di raggiungere sia la cima della Punta Lenana che del Picco Batian. Raccomando vivamente questa agenzia!
Erola B
September 29, 2023.
Nice days in Mt Kenya and Batian peak Our holidays in Kenia had a goal, and it was to enjoy a lot our days in Mt Kenia. With ice rock trekking we made it! We wanted to climb Batian by the North Face Normal Route, and the organizers made us feel really motivated and like home during all the route. We started from de Sirimon gate and we slept in Old Moises Camp, the next day we arrived to Shipton’s Camp where we acclimatized there for three days doing Point Lenana and reaching the Batian’s peak in a very good day and with very good own conditions. We returned through Chogoria’s route, so beautiful place. The food was good, we had good equipment and we weren’t almost cold, one day i felt bad and the guides and porters took care of me very well. We are so happy with the experience, we recommend it a lot! Finally we would like to thanks Joseph for helping us, even outside of trekking.