Amazing service

“No need to hire foreign tour operators when the best live right in Nairobi” – Paul Bradley

Years of Trust

“Every year the school I work for does a field trip to Mt. Kenya and every year we employ Joseph and his company to organize and guide our trip.  Over the years we have grown to know and trust Joseph with our safety, which is our number one concern.  He and his guides have expert knowledge of, not only the conditions on the mountain, but also how to handle unexpected events, such as sickness, fatigue, and medical needs.
The last time I climbed with Joseph, we had a member who became very sick and fatigued, and Joseph made the difficult call to find a way to get this guy off the mountain.  It would have been dangerous for him to continue and there was no reason to risk his life for this adventure.  Getting him down was a challenge as the mountain is so remote, but with Joseph’s connections to many people in the area, he was able to do so without stopping the expedition for the rest of us.  A huge shout out to Joseph and his company!!!”

– David Tilley, Rift Valley Academy

Repeated Success

“My first trek with Joseph was up Mt. Kenya when he guided a group of five of us. The trek was fantastic – Joseph chose routes with spectacular views, good camping sites, and really very private trekking. That was such a success that a few years later, I contacted Joseph again and asked him organize a larger group for a trek up Mt. Kilimanjaro.

His expertise made the trek a great success – he suggested an extra day in the assent to acclimatize, got my brother off the mountain when he got in trouble, coached us how to manage the final assent to the peak, and really just handled the trek superbly. I am about to turn 80 and am ready to go with Joseph again.”

– Stephen Bradley

Dedicated Pros!

שמי פליקס מלול וברצוני לומר מספר מילים על הניסיון שיש לי עם JOSEPH והצוות שלו.
אני מכיר את JOSEPH מעל ל-10 שנים וטיילתי וטיפסתי על מספר הרים באפריקה יחד איתו ועם ציוותו.
טיפסתי על הר קניה, הר קילימנגרו,הר סטנלי באוגנדה וגם עשיתי ספארי עם משפחתי בקניה.
הדבר הכי חשוב בטיולים מהסוג הזה זה שיהיה צוות מקצועי ומסור שנותן לך תחושה שאתה נמצא בידיים בטוחות ושיש מענה גם לדברים בלתי צפויים.
בשורה התחתונה מאוד ממליץ למי שרוצה לטייל באפריקה ולטפס על הרים או לחילופין לעשות ספארי לעשות עם JOSEPH והצוות שלו.
בהצלחה ואפריקה היא יבשת מרתקת וכיפית לטיולים!

See English Translation

– Felix Mallul


“I had the pleasure of hiking to the top of Kilimanjaro with Joseph and his team. His team is built with local porters, cooks and mountain guides that bring a level of knowledge about the area that was unsurpassed. They could answer all my questions about the flora and fauna which is not easy since you start at the rainforest and end up on rocky tundra.

Joseph does a wonderful job of welcoming his guests and preparing them for the days on the trail. This allowed me to feel comfortable and ready to hike on day one and through out the trek.

I felt such an accomplishment upon reaching the summit and thoroughly enjoyed my trek up Kilimanjaro.”

– Jessica Durkin

Paul B
January 9, 2023.
Incredible experience - recommend Joseph & the team provide an absolutely amazing experience of climbing up Mount Kenya. It's an astonishingly beautiful trek (but quite difficult!) and Joseph provides:1. Great character and humour 2. Great equipment (tent, food etc)3. Good advice (for avoiding altitude sickness, organising a Home-Stay etc)4. Incredible stories - ask about the Buffalo!Couldn't recommend more highly
Hadar Weinstein
January 7, 2023.
Mount Kenya and Maasai Mara trip!! As an 18 year old coming alone to Kenya for the first time, Joseph and the Ice Rock Trekking crew were extremely accomodating and friendly. Throughout my two week trip climbing Mount Kenya and doing safari in Maasai Mara and other national parks I felt very safe, while being able to experience the Kenyan culture. I fely very comfortable as Joseph was flexible and patient with me throughout the journey, while offering a more than reasonable price. Would highly recommend!!I can also suggest requesting Lofa as your porter. #1 chef in Kenya 🙂
December 25, 2022.
The adventure begins at the moment Joseph arrives at our door! The adventure begins at the moment Joseph arrives at our door! As a family, we have climbed Mt. Kenya and Mt. Kilimanjaro with Joseph. He and his teams work so well with my early-teenage kids. Whether we are camping in tents or trekking to huts on the mountain, Joseph plans for safety and success. He deeply cares about his mountains and hopes his clients grow to love wild places, too. I'm looking forward to our next adventure!
Betina S
August 25, 2022.
Zum Gipfel via Sirimon Route Ich kann Joseph und sein Ice Rock Team bestens weiterempfehlen. Auf meine erste Kontaktaufnahme reagierte Joseph umgehend und ich konnte mich jederzeit per Mail oder WhatsApp ( auch telefonisch) an ihn wenden. Hier merkte ich schon, dass ein sicherer Aufstieg auf den Mt. Kenya sein oberstes Gebot ist.Nach meiner Ankunft in Nairobi checkte er meine Ausrüstung, die Route wurde nochmals besprochen und in meinem Fall, auf Grund der Wetterbedingungen, angepasst. Zunächst war ich enttäuscht, dass ich nicht auf der ursprünglich gewählten Chogoria Route starten konnte, sondern auf umgekehrter Route vom Sirimon Gate starten würde. Im Nachhinein konnte ich jedoch Josephs Entscheidung 100%ig nachvollziehen, auch dass eine Unterkunft (mit Aufpreis) in den Huts wegen des Wetters, den Übernachtungen im Zelt vorzuziehen war. Sein Team ( 1 Koch, 1 Porter) waren fantastisch. Sehr aufmerksam, hilfsbereit und emphatisch ( als ich nach dem Gipfelsturm mir das Knie verdreht hatte und dadurch beim Abstieg deutlich länger brauchte, kamen sie uns mit dem Frühstück entgegen).Joseph bringt eine jahrelange Erfahrung mit und weiß, wie er es schafft deine Kunden zum Gipfel zu bringen. Durch seine bestärkenden und aufmunternden Worte findet man immer wieder genug Energie um den steilen Aufstieg zum Gipfel zu meistern.Landschaftlich ist der Mount Kenya ein Genuss, man kann sich an den Tälern und der Vegetation gar nicht satt sehen. Der Aufstieg zum Gipfel ist deutlich fordernder, aber mit Joseph und dem Willen es zu schaffen absolut machbar.
August 16, 2022.
Once In A Lifetime Experience Climbing Mount Kenya With Joseph We had the most amazing time climbing Mount Kenya. Joseph was an incredible guide. He knew how to calm our thirst for adventure and make sure we kept a steady and sensible pace - "polepole" he would say! His knowledge was unreal and we can't recommend him enough. His experience as a mountaineer is clearly well known in the community. Hope to be back in the not too distant future for the next adventure! Julian & Zoey
July 23, 2022.
Great 4 day trek up Mt Kenya! My partner and I did a 4-day trek up Mt Kenya with IceRock Trekking and we would highly recommend! We went up from the Sirimon Gate to Point Lenana and down the Chogoria Route, this allowed us time to acclimatize on the ascent and enjoy amazing views via the Chogoria trail as we descended. If you're an experienced hiker/climber, this length of time is ideal although those with less experience may want to go slower and spend more days on the mountain. Joesph has guided for many years, so he knows the mountain well and we felt very well cared for throughout the trip. His team is kind, knowledgeable, and fun. Food was great (even for a vegetarian!) as well. Make sure to pack layers (it gets quite cold at night) and outdoor essentials (headlamp, TP, water purification, etc.) so that you have them with you just in case. The bottom line - if you're thinking about climbing Mt Kenya with IceRock, go for it! We're already hoping that we can plan a future trip to Mt Kiliminjaro with Joseph and his team.
Jakob N
July 19, 2022.
Breathtaking tour with guides that became true friends! From the moment we were picked up by Joseph and Moses from the airport we knew that they won’t just be our tour guides, but become true friends for a life time.They organized an amazing tour to the Amboseli National Park for us that we will never forget: We spotted plenty of different animals very close, often were the only car around and learned so much about the animals, nature and the people of Kenya. Logistics, accommodation and food were also perfectly arranged for us - we could just enjoy the safari to the fullest!What a privilege to get a tour with such heart warming people that have incredible knowledge and passion for their work and all of this for an absolutely fair price. From now on, we will book all our tours with Icerock - upcoming next will be the Mt Kenya trekking and we cannot wait for it!
June 29, 2022.
Fantastic Experience This was a once in a lifetime amazing experience. The team was highly professional and always put safety first. As a great bonus, they were also great company and very nice! I can highly recommend their services, and because of them I made it to the top; despite not being a very experienced trecker. James & Joseph took great care of me, and the organisation and execution was grand!
Thomas M
April 29, 2022.
Unforgettable excursion to Mt. Kenya We did our annual Mt. Kenya assault with ICEROCK TREKKING in March, a school trip for 12-13 year olds. Joseph has efficiently managed our Mt. Kenya expeditions for more than 20 years! Of the 21 pupils, 12 summited, 8 got to Shiptons and one got to old Moses. Joseph has an amazing team of well trained, knowledgeable and caring porters & guides. The ever smiling chef & crew served us steaming delicious refreshments always on time at various stops on the mountain. To round it off, we were treated to a welcome surprise on the very last day to crown this unforgettable experience. We look forward to our next trip Deo Volente.Thomas Mong’are Cavina School.