Mt Kenya trekking

Renowned for its diverse ecosystem and challenging peaks, Mt. Kenya has always remained one of the most adventurous trekking experiences for new and experienced trekkers across the globe. Nestled in the heart of East Africa, Mt. Kenya stands as the regal testament to nature’s magnificence. Every year, hundreds of experienced and new mountaineers visit Kenya for Mt Kenya trekking. If you are planning the same, plan well with an expert tour and trekking organizer like Ice Rock Trekking. You need skilled guides and several amenities while going for this breathtaking experience.

Know more about Mt. Kenya

Trekkers love climbing the different peaks of Mt. Kenya because of the challenges it brings at every turn. The Mountain has several peaks with point Lenana being the most popular one to the trekkers. While trekking to different paths to this point, trekkers experience different landscapes. You can follow the Chogoria route, the Sirimon route, or the Naro-Maru route. Ice Rock Trekking arranges trekking through all these three paths. While planning Mt Kenya trekking it is always best to consult with them to choose the right route depending on your trekking ability and experience.

The variety of routes to the summit seek different abilities of the trekkers also. If you are eager to experience the unique beauty of the mountain, the Sirimon and the Naro Moru routes are the best while the Chogorya route is the shortest route of these three popular routes to the summit. However, the Chogorya route offers some unique scenic beauty and the temple area that are not visible in the other routes.

The cultural significance of Mt. Kenya

Mt Kenya is not just about natural splendor, this nature’s wonder holds cultural significance too. The trekking experience gets extra momentum when you get the opportunity to know the local communities, especially the Kikuyu tribe. These local communities consider the mountain a very sacred place and they have centuries-old rituals associated with the mountain. Trekkers often interact with the local people enriching the journey with a deeper perspective of Mt. Kenya’s cultural aspects. Too few mountains in the world give this opportunity to the trekkers to know the local communities. Remember, these local communities are the indigenous people living in these mountains for centuries. They give a glimpse into the most basic aspects of human life and evolution.

Mt. Kenya

The flora and fauna of Mt. Kenya

Mt. Kenya is also popular for its diverse nature with some exclusive qualities of flora and fauna scattered all over the mountain. During Mt Kenya trekking, you encounter hundreds of different species of flora and fauna most of which you might not have seen before. Finding giant lobelias, Mt Kenya cabbage (an endemic species), or scenarios make the tourists and trekkers happy. Again, a variety of wildlife such as various species of monkeys, buffalos, elephants, and birds delight you. You will frequently encounter majestic lammergeyers and beautiful sunbirds.

Unique climate of Mt. Kenya

As you elevate through the route and rest at different points in different valley regions during Mt Kenya trekking, you encounter different climatic conditions. Sometimes, the drastic change in the landscape and climate in the next turn never fails to charm you. The opportunity to witness the sunrise and sunrise from different elevations throughout the journey are unforgettable event for the trekkers. The scenic beauty of tropical rainforests, glaciers, and highlands live in the memory forever.

Ice Rock Trekking is here to help you with the best trekking experience in your life. Mt Kenya trekking is unique in many senses but you need the guidance of the right people.  5 Days Chogoriya down Sirimon, 5 Days Sirimon down Chogorya, or 5 days Naru-Moru down Sirimon make trekking fun and adventurous.