Kilimanjaro Trek

If you are on a domestic flight flying near Kenya, the pilot might announce to look out of the window to see the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, the tallest peak in Africa. A major attraction and a popular peak in all of Africa, you can imagine someone’s obsession to covet the title of climbing the tallest mountain in Africa. But do not be fooled by the majestic presence of the summit. You must not think of the Kilimanjaro trek as a walk in the park. Touted as one of the most challenging trek in the world, Kilimanjaro must be triumphed with absolute caution and with necessary precautions.

Must-knows of the Kilimanjaro Trek Tour

  1. Go Slow and Steady on the Trek

Trekkers are known to brain-stuff themselves with every blog before going on a trek, like altitude sickness, etc. So to save you from all that reading, the first thing that we recommend you to is to go slow. Don’t be haphazard in trying to keep up with everyone. Join the line right at the back. Your body works harder at altitude. The air gets thinner and there is less oxygen to breathe. Our quality guides will also tell you to go slowly. Walk slowly than you normally would. The favorite thing about hiking is that it is not a competitive sport, where everyone wants to succeed.

  1. Drink Plenty of Fluids

Hydration is one of the best remedies for altitude sickness. Pack a Platypus instead of a bottle for constant water accessibility while walking. This will help you when your hands are cold and you don’t want to take off your gloves to unscrew a bottle. Avoid the hassle to stop and take a bottle out of your bag every time you feel thirsty and want to take a sip.

But water alone won’t do the job. You must take hydration salts. Put at least one sachet straight into Platypus to be uber-hydrated. Also, Diarrhea is common at the upper ranges of Kilimanjaro. So adjust your body to be on peaks and carry salts like Dioralyte with you.

  1. Make Allies with your Travel Mates

One must never climb the mountains alone. If there was ever a time that you will need other people, climbing Kilimanjaro it is. You must be with each other and look out for another. You must literally keep guard as you pee behind a rock. There are no toiletries around since you will not be in a camp. 

  1. Prepare yourself physically for the Trek

Altitude sickness strikes everyone indiscriminately. You can be an Olympian or reigning pie-eating champion, the sickness will hit you hard. So, being fit for this hike is important. For this, you must hikes up hills back home before heading over to the Kilimanjaro Peaks.

Kilimanjaro Trekking Tour package

Where to get the best Travel Guide for the Kilimanjaro Trek?

Ice Rock Trekking is one of the tour package providers for the Kilimanjaro treks in all of Africa. As a famed as well as a reputed touring company, Ice Rock Trekking provides you with the entire list of itineraries as per the suitable days and the length for the excursion you are comfortable with. We also have a pool of qualified travel guides who will take you from the safest routes, better than the smallest, from the base station to the Kilimanjaro Peaks.

As the terrain is unfamiliar, and difficult, a learned guide is necessary to make your trekking trip successful, and you bring you safe and sound back the base station. For such purposes, Ice Rock Trekking has an excellent track record. Many trust us with our services. We might not be the cheapest, but we surely are the most quality touring organizers of the region.