Kilimanjaro trekking

Imagine standing beneath a sky adorned with countless glittering stars, enjoying the cold night breeze on your skin while you marvel at the immensity of Mount Kilimanjaro. This breathtaking sight awaits you at the Kilimanjaro shira camp, which is situated on the mountain’s western side. In this blog post, we will try to delve into the enchanting features that make Shira Camp a must-visit destination.


Shira Camp: A Captivating Oasis

Shira Camp, located on the Shira Plateau is a large, high-altitude volcanic plateau created by Mount Kilimanjaro’s volcanic activities. Kilimanjaro shira camp is surrounded by a barren, rocky terrain, resembling a lunar landscape. This rugged environment is a result of volcanic activity and erosion over millions of years.


Shira Route or Lemosho Route to reach Shira Camp

Trekking enthusiasts often find themselves in a dilemma when it comes to choosing the right route to reach Shira Camp 2. To alleviate this common confusion, let’s compare two popular trekking routes.



Shira Route Lemosho Route
Starting point Shira Gate (3,600 meters) Londorossi Gate (1,800 meters)
Acclimatization period Shorter Longer

Trail difficulty

Moderate Moderate
Scenery It offers a variety of terrain, including moorlands and alpine deserts. This Route is renowned for its scenic beauty, offering trekkers diverse landscapes, from lush rainforests to alpine deserts.
Presence of Camp Simba Camp Shira camp 1
Success rate

(In terms of climbers reaching the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro)

High High

Trek Duration

7-8 days 8 days

Exploring the Kilimanjaro shira camp 

  • Venturing Beyond the Camp: From Shira Camp, trekkers can enjoy breathtaking views of the surrounding area. To the east, the snow-capped peak of Mount Kilimanjaro rises majestically, often covered in clouds. While to the west, the expansive plains of Tanzania stretch out, providing vast and awe-inspiring scenery. During trekking, you could spot elephants, buffalo, and other creatures as the plateau is home to a diversity of species.
  • Shira Cathedral: Hiking to Shira Cathedral provides an opportunity for nature lovers to relish breathtaking views. In fact, it adds a touch of geological fascination to the trekking experience.
  • Mesmerizing Sunsets and Sunrises: The experience of witnessing nature’s artwork unveiled during sunrise/sunset scenes viewed from the Shira Plateau is truly captivating.

Challenges and Tips for Success

  • Altitude sickness is a condition that occurs when you ascend to a high altitude too quickly.
  • To avoid that, you need to give your body time to adjust to the lower oxygen levels.
  • In addition, try to drink water, take a healthy diet and avoid alcohol and caffeine during trekking.

In conclusion, Kilimanjaro shira camp is a remarkable blend of nature’s glamour and personal triumph, resulting in an unparalleled adventure. It offers you opportunities to hike to Shira Cathedral, witness mesmerizing sunsets and sunrises, and encounter a variety of wildlife. Ice Rock Trekking is one of the most prominent names in this genre. They Organize Kilimanjaro trekking from different routes. They also provide all kinds of technical support throughout the itinerary.